In our shop we possess a wide range of spare parts and agricultural machine parts. Some of which are:

  1. Cardan shafts alongside their parts, such as forks, rolip crosses, clutches and ratchets.
  2. Angular trasmission groups for fertilisers, destroyers etc
  3. Radar, armrest and tensioner parts.
  4. Agricultural wheels for cultivators, plows and spuds.
  5. Ploughshares, fenders, nails and generally every expendable plow and cultivator part.
  6. Agricultural hubs and wheels.
  7. Water Jet parts such as Ranger, Synkro, River and more.
  8. Sprinkler reel parts relative to turbines and trasmission such as mechanical seals, gaskets, stuffings, bearings, wheel rollers , solid stroller wheels and speedometers for most Greek manufactured reels.

We would be pleased to help you out by phone for any product not available in our online shop.