The Hydraulic Dripline Collecting Machine DCM is a towed vehicle with two wheels, which can mount a dripline collecting reel. From now on, for brevity reasons the machine will be mentioned as “DCM” or simply “Collector”. The reel is loaded automatically on the DCM without the use of a lift machine or a crane, using the hydraulic cylinders system it has installed. In order for the collecting of the dripline to occur, the reel is able to rotate, using a hydraulic motor. The Collector can collect up to 3 driplines simultaneously. A dripline directing screw guides the dripline, evenly spreading it on the reel. As long as the reel is full, there is a possibility to unload the full reel and load an empty one to continue the collecting. Operating the machine is possible with the use of a hydraulic controller. The DCM has an oil tank, supplying the system with oil, using a high pressure pump driven transmission from the tractor PTO.01-DSC03586-1.jpg

In the manufacture of this machine, everything is done to make your operation more secure. The Dripline Collecting Machine DCM is a part of towed Agricultural machinery. This machine is designed and manufactured according to European Standards.