The Sidiros Dripline Collecting Machine:

  • Has an autonomous hydraulic system, independent from the tractor, with a RPM multiplier and an oil pump.
  • Operates by obtaining transmission from a PTO with a cardan shaft.
  • The hydraulic system is completed by: a 25 liter tank, an oil filter, a double controller with a button switch, an oil flow regulator for accurate desirable adjustment of the reel speed, a heavy duty oil motor and two hydraulic Φ80mm cylinders, assisting in the load and unload of the reel.
  • Has a sprocket and cogwheel system for transmission.
  • Has a directing screw for driplines, for even collecting of the dripline on the reel.
  • Is painted with a high quality primer and paint to maximize antirust protection.
  • The wheel dimensions are 10.80.12 with 8 or 10 linen.
  • Has CE certification.
  • Last but not least, the capacity of the reel is 20 to 21.5 km for a Φ20mm dripline. With a small adjustment, it can collect a dripline of Φ16, Φ18 or Φ22mm diameter.


Technical Advantages

  • During the lowering of the reel, there is no need for any kind of disassembly of the roller chain or some brake, unlike other machines. All that is needed to be done is the pull of a pin and the use of the hydraulic controller. The transmission engagement occurs automatically with the steel sprocket attached on the reel shaft. Thus occurring the faster reel switch with just one person.
  • It is possible to accurately adjust the reel speed from the special hydraulic regulator, located next to the controller.
  • The reel can operate counter clockwise during the collection and clockwise auxiliary during the laying driplines
  • It has a special tensioner for the reel rotary roller chain, operating for both rotation times.
  • Has a small volume brake for easier unwinding.
  • Expands the lifespan of the dripline, because it is possible to quickly and safely store it.
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