In our website you will find many of the products of Sidiros company. Among them are screwcone log splitters and their parts. Also, trasmission parts and irrigation systems are available. Each product and every website article is available in Greek and English and you can choose the site language from the appropriate flags on the upper right part of the website.


Order checkout through the eshop.

To order the products you are interested in, you can complete your purchase as a guest (One Page Checkout) or by registering through our online shop. In case you register, you will receive a confirmation email on your email account. Folloe the link you received to activate your account. Choose the products you desire by putting them in your Cart. As soon as you finished shopping, go to your Cart and finish the order by folloing the indicated steps. A necessary condition in order to complete the purchase is to accept our terms inscribed in this article. Afterwards, choose the desirable Shipment method and Payment method.

1. For customers within Greece and since you are professional, choose Invoice by filling the additional fields such as VAT number etc. and an invoice will be issued.

2. In case you are in low tax factor island regions, please point out in  the observations field that a low tax pricing must be done. If you have chosen PayPal or credit card as a payment method, your account will be credited the tax ammount within a week.

2. Customers within E.U. with a valid VIES VAT number, are not charged with 24% tax rate.

3. Customers within E.U. without a valid VIES VAT number, are fully charged with 24% tax rate.

4. Customers from outside the E.U are not charged with 24% tx rate but are charged with customs clearance of 40,00€.


Phone Orders

You can call us in (0030) 2463027070  Monday to Friday 09:30 - 14:30 (except holidays). There you can talk with our experienced personel, learn more about the product you are interested in and place an order by giving the pruduct id based always on our eshop. Order supervisor: Sidiropoulos Alexandros. Alternatively, you can visit our shop located in 25th Martiou 154, Ptolemaida.



Warranty is provided in every machinery and parts supplied through "Sidiros" provides a warranty for optimal machine operation and lack of any flaw. In case of misfunction we are obligated to partially or totally replace or repair the flawed parts. The warranty is valid for one (1) year from the machinery delivery date. It becomes invalid if:

a)The machine is used for a different purpose of the one designated from the manufacturer.

b) Damage is cause due to inappropriate use or false maintenance.

c) No optimal operation warranty is supplied in cutting tools (screwcone log splitters) which may take rough, uncontrollable strain. Any shipping expenses to our base for cutting tools in warranty are covered by the customer.

d) Any shipping expenses for flawed products (besides cutting tools) in warranty from and to our base are fully covered by us, if we are writen informed within a week from the delivery date.

 Detailed warrant information can be given in the number (0030) 2463027070  Monday to Friday 09:30 - 14:30 (except holidays).


Discount coupon purchase

1) The discount coupon can be used exclusively for product purchases, done through our online shop

2) It is explicitly mentioned that the discount products, as well as their discount amount rests under the judgement of can change any time the available products in discount, as well as the amount of discount during the coupon duration. Furthermore, bears no responsibility for the discount products change.

3) states to fullfil the orders based on product availability and until stock depletion based on general terms valid for our online shopping sales.


Product return

If you are interested in returning one or more products, it is necessary to fill in the form below. Once we receive your request, we will contact you.


1) Product returns are accepted within 14 days of the date
their pricing.
2) You have the option of returning a product you have received free of charge, but you have finally changed your mind and want to return it. Essential requirement to be returned with the cooperating courier with our shop (ELTA COURIER - SPEEDEX).
3) No used products are returned, factory packed products have been opened, products of the transmission category and the seal category.
4) No special orders and constructions are returned.
5) Products weighing more than 30kg cannot be returned free of charge.
6) For products returned from abroad, shipping costs are charged to the customer-shipper.
7) For orders that you wish to return and have issued a Retail Invoice of € 30 or more, the customer's VAT number is required for the issue of a Retail Return Receipt.
8) Your money will be refunded within 14 days of receipt of the products. Initial shipping costs may not be refunded if the weight exceeds 30 kg.
9) Product returns are only for a product purchased from
10) Pack the product in a larger box to protect it when shipped.
11) Place the return form in the box you have printed.
12) If a product has been returned without meeting the above terms, it will be returned to the sender at the same time at his charge or will be stored in our premises for two months.
13) In case of technical and warranty coverage, please describe the problem being addressed.


Cancellation policy

Order cancellations for products not in stock at our store may incur charges. In an case, if you wish to cancel your order, you must inform us in time by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. entitled ORDER CANCELLATION.


By signing up for, you can automatically accept receiving:

1) Up-to-date emails for order status.
2) Informational sms and email for the issue of sales notes. If you do not want to receive sms and emails for the sales invoice, please let us know by email.


My account

The function of "my account" option is provided only for members and is associated with the Shopping Cart management, order management, delivery and tracking, order history as well as profile maintenance. Through this option you can track:

1) Your orders history.

Orders are distinguished in

"Pending"  meaning orders which have not confirmed yet. From this point forward, counts the availability time recorded on every product.

"Confirmed" meaning products are available in stock, are collected and are one step before pricing and shipment.

"Shipped" meaning products are priced and are delivered in  the shipping company. From this point forward, counts the delivery time depending on the shipment you have chosen.

2) Shopping Cart Management and/or Save.

You can manage instantly the Shopping Cart and change the amounts of your order's products. Additionally, you can store the Shopping Cart and send your order another time.

3) Profile completion.

By completing your personal data, basically you open a new communication channel with us, to understand your special demands and respond accordingly to satisfy them. Basically you inform us about your interests, your preferences and the way you would prefer to communicate with and we act accordingly. Our sales will recommend products especially for you. When you sign in our eshop, by stating your email and password, ou are instantly given specail recommendations.


Copyright is constituted the sole beneficiary of every content and layout of the website copyrights except writen exceptions.


General Transaction Terms

The company name is:

Sidiropoulos K. Alexandros

Agricultural machinery - Workshop

Pumping - Irrigation units

Parts - Spare parts

25th Martiou 154    Ptolemaida    P.C. 50200

tel. 0030 2463027070 Monday to Friday 09:30 - 14:30 (except holidays)

fax 0030 2463054722    email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Delivery Time

Each product of our eshop mentions its availability. The indicated product availability time concerns the period interceding from the order reception to its delivery at the shipping company. The transportation time of the packages varies depending regions and ranges from one (1) working day to four (4) in inaccessible regions of Greece, while it is longer for abroad orders


Product Delivery

Orders registrated on working days until 13:00 on and under the condition that the products are available, are delivered invariably within 24 hours in each shipping company. The delivery time to the shipping company depends exclusively on the product availability. For regions marked by the corresponding courier as inaccessible, delivery time may be different.

Ordes in which our shop is chosen as delivery place, are delivered within 48 hours with product availability taken into consideration. To avoid additional transportation charges, the order is executed only when every included product is available. If for any reason you desire the delivery of only the available products, please contacts us in 2463027070, stating the order ID.

Deliveries occur from Monday to Friday 9.30 - 14.30. Deliveries do not occur on holidays and days when storage is closed due to census. Delivery date and time take effect for working days and time correspondingly, while they do not take effect on holidays and weekends.

For deliveries with unavailable, on demand, products we will contact you by phone to inform you about the time and date of delivery. In case delivery time is different from the one mentioned on ouyr eshop due to product unavailability, refund is possible if requested written via email or fax. Any money transfer charges are covered by the buyer.


Product reception

Customers are obligated to check the intact of the packaging during order delivery. Damaged or broken products are not covered by warranty and should not be received.

After-sales Service

For you after-sales service do not hesitate to contact us on our communication line (0030)2463027070 Monday to Friday 9:30-14:30 (except holidays).

Order shipment equals to fully acceptance of our Terms of Agreement and of this article.

Qualified for any discrepancy is the Kozani Courthouse. Αρμόδια για κάθε διαφορά ορίζονται τα Δικαστήρια Ν. Κοζάνης. The contract is governed by Greek Law.

Our company preserves the right to change the content of website (hereinafter: the Website) any given time without warning.

Checking of the provided technical information and orderd product adequancy is the exclusive responsibility of the customer using the Website (hereinafter: the Customer). Our company bears no responsibility for any product incompatibility with other products.


Website Links

The website includes hyperlinks with third party websites. Providing those links does not imply approve of their content. Moreover, our company bears no responsibility relating the availability or the content of those website or for any damage or injury resulted by the use of their content. These links are provided to accommodate users. Users visit these website in their sole responsibility.


Customer Statements

The Customer states that all information provided during the use of the Website are accurate. The Customer undertakes the obligation to cover any damage of our company or our collaborating companies, by the use of this Website and the Customer account, by unauthorised by the Customer persons.


Responsibility Desclaimer

Our company bears no responsibility for direct or indirect, possitive or consequetial damage, resulted by the lack of Website use capabilityas of any errors, discontinuance, flaws or delays in the Website function or information transmittal through it on the web. 


False product price

Our company is not responsible for any technical, type or orthografic errors in the product prices or characteristics. In case a product presents an unusually low price, without any specific indication justifying that price, please contact us before ordering this product.



Our company constitutes the sole and exclusive beneficiary of all Website component and layout copyrights excluding writen exceptions.


Personal data

The Customers personal data are used, based on law ν.2472/97, exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders, provision of personalized services and export of statistic elements. These data are not transmitted on third parties. except on collaborating companies, to which they are transmitted only for advertising purposes and personilized offers. The Customer provides, with the present, his consent for storing and processing his personal data, for the purpose of execution and proof of his orders, for provision of personilized services and export of statistic elements and for transmittal to collaborating companies for advertisement and personalized offer purposes. The Customer has the right to be able to access all given data (access right num. 12 law 2472/97) and to oppose to any concerning data proccess (right to oppose num. 13 law 2472/97). For any opposition right exercise concerning personal data proccess you can contact us via email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which will be forwarded to our legal representative.



For the protection of the transmitting data through our Website, we use a special software which encrypts communication between your terminal and the server of our eshop. The encryption of your data is extremely sophisticated and is considered practically impenetrable.



We, like most sites online, use cookies in order to identify the user and provide him with personilized services.


The use of the Website occurs with sole responsibility of the visitor-customer. We bear no liability for malevolence of third parties. Website visitors are committed to not harm others with any malevolence use or abuse of the Website and to not violate their personal data. The visit to our Website pressuposes unconditional acceptance of the terms above.