IMAC Potato and Onion Machinery.

The "Sidiropoulos" company represents officially from the early 2009 the famous potato crop machinery construction company IMAC Italy. In our shop you can find parts while we offer the IMAC variety on demand. Do not hesitate to contact us via email so we can inform you about the machines' prices.



Some of the reasons you should choose IMAC

1. Machines reliability
2. Manufacture quality
3. Performance quality
4. High daily performance
5. Comfortable and ergonomic work seats
6. Easy maintenance
7. Spare parts availability
8. Service and support by specialised personel
9. Abudant basic equipment
10. Optional equipment using the highest international standards
11. Optimal value-quality ratio
12. Over 30 years of experience brought IMAC in over 54 countries in 5 continents all over the world

Check out the products catalogue in pdf file here