Tablet Stand t-base Industrial type up to 13 inches in Silver color

Tablet Stand t-base Industrial type up to 13" in Silver color suitable for use with a pencil
Product Weight 1.10 kg | Product Length 246.00 mm | Product Width 200.00 mm | Product Height 65.00 mm
Base price 24,50 €
Base price with tax 30,38 €
Sales price without tax 23,27 €
Tax amount 5,59 €
28,86 €
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The base "t-base industrial" was designed for iPad 11, for use with apple pencil in industrial spaces where drawing is required. However, it can accept tablets up to 12.9 or even smaller than 7.
It is placed on a desk, counter or table and is ideal for use with a pencil.
The "t-base industrial" base forms a 15 degree angle with the desk optimizing the viewing angle on the tablet screen making it almost vertical. In this position, possible reflections from room lighting are reduced to a minimum.
With this gradient of "t-base industrial" design and pencil notes are easier.
The apple pencil can rest in one of the 4 holes, like a pencil case.
It has a notch to fit a charger.
In the raised position, the tablets speakers channel the sound better into the room.
It has self-adhesive 4+4 silicone bases to protect the tablet and the desk.
It is made in Greece, by sidiros, with 2mm bended sheet metal, which gives it weight and stability. It doesnt move when drawing with a pencil.
Available in two colors. Matte black and silver.