In our workshop and for the regions of Norhtwestern Greece, we can provide and install, in stock or on demand within a working day, a wide range of submersible pumps with the required characteristis in every circumstance. In any case ,depending on the special pump characteristics such as drilling debth, pumping level, Pipe diameter and of course the use the water is destined for, the pump installation study is carried out. We provide submersible pumps for agricultural use in a large ammount in municipalities for irrigation and watering, but also on industries and small industries. We undertake the complete electrical installation done by a certified electrician. We also provide all the means to mechanically install the submersible pumping unit.
Our services do not stop here though. We provide technical support and supervision of smooth operation of the submersible pumping unit as well as proper operation guarranty. In case of failure, we act instantly by uninstalling the submersible pump and repairing it within one (1) to three (3) days, depending on the ammount of damage, while there is possibility of replacement.



We represent the top European pump manufacturing company Caprari for the Northwestern region of Greece.



Installation of a 6' submersible pump for agricultural use.


Installation of 8' and 10' submersible pumps after repair for a water company.

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