Reel unwinding machine for cables or pipes, stationary type FBD30/18, capable of mounting on a flatbed truck platform. Suitable for unwinding as the truck moves forward, it has a lateral deposition hydraulic guide. Heavy duty construction. The reel unwinding machine is constructed for unwinding (laying) cables in wind-energy or solar-panel parks etc.



The mounted reel unwinding machine, is a brand new construction in this form and can receive reels of variable types.
Technical characteristics are presented more elaborately below:

1. Maximum diameter of mounted reel: Φ2900mm.
2. Maximum width of mounted reel: 1800mm (minimum width 1250mm).
3. Reel restraint shaft Φ80-Φ120mm with two reel restraint stops secured with a spile. Maximum reel weight 6000kg at the ends of the shaft.
4. Sturdy construction with reinforcements.
5. Maximum weight of the mounting cable reel: 9000kg.
6. Maximum weight of the cable on the guides 7kg/m and maximum cable diameter Φ70mm including the insulation (minimum diameter Φ25mm).
7. 3 fixed reel shaft restraint grips and grip safety pins.
8. Four reliable platform attachment points, same as those on containers. Four additional attachment points for chains or belts.
9. Hydraulically folding cable laying guide.
a. Possibility of hydraulic adjustment of height.
b. Possibility of hydraulic adjustment left-right.
c. Possibility of additional mechanical adjustment left-right. Maximum left-right laying distance about 1800mm from the pipe import point from the reel to the guide.



d.  Has plastic reels with bearings, lathe constructed with a smooth surface.


10. Honda GX-270V 9HP gasoline engine with an ignition starter and battery, under a metallic cover. Possibility of installing a Lombardini diesel engine instead.
11. Emergency button for immediate shutdown with horn.
12. Hydraulic pump attached with coupling on the engine.
13. Oil tank with a filter, level indicator and ventilator.
14. Hydraulic controller with manometer.
15. Movable operator seat on the left or right side of the reel unwinding machine, depending on the side of the unwinding.




16. Hydraulic engine with speed regulator for the drive wheels, to achieve the desirable reel rotation speed. Possibility of rotating counter-clockwise for unwinding of the reel and clockwise for limited auxiliary winding.
17. Hydraulic move of the drive wheels towards the reel and away of it.
18. Manual axial disposition of the drive wheels and tightening using screws.
19. Priming and dyeing with acrylic paints.
20. Transportation by truck with minimum load potential 10.000kg.
21. Possibility of transportation in a 20’ container.
a. Maximum width 2340mm.
b. Length 4400mm, without the detachable “snake” guide.
c. Maximum height 2100mm without reel.
22. Designed and made in Greece.
23. We are always at your disposal to design and form a reel unwinding machine from the start according to your needs.




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