Reel Trailer for cables or pipes, divided construction type E26/16-7Ds. Heavy duty construction with ability of easy assemblage in two positions, opened operating position for large reels and closed position for small reels. Made for unwindind (layind down) cables or pipes in wind farms, oil pipelines or water etc.

Technical characteristics
Α) Opened operating position:
1. Maximum reel diameter: Φ3400mm
2. Maximum reel width: 2350mm
3. Reel’s central bore: from Φ115 to Φ180 (shaft D)
4. Maximum reel weight: 7500kg

WEBSITEeng Reel Trailer E26-16-7Ds Divided

Β) Closed operating position:
1. Maximum reel diameter: Φ2600mm
2. Maximum reel width: 1600mm
3. Reel central bore: from Φ115 to Φ185 (Shaft C), from Φ95 to Φ125 (Shaft Β) and from Φ76 to Φ110 (Shaft Α)
4. Maximum reel weight: 7500kg

WEBSITEeng Reel Trailer E26-16-7Ds Divided4


Technical details

1. Controlled rotational speed of the reel. Counterclockwise rotation possibility for unwinding and clockwise rotation for limited utility of collecting.


2.Hydraulic moving of rotating wheels to the reel.

3.Hydraulic movement of the foot wheel of the tow bar.


As can be seen on the images below, the metallic wheel can be rotated at B’ and C’ postures, respectively.

WEBSITEeng Reel Trailer E26-16-7Ds Dividedb



4. The right and left «S» are the divided parts in the form of an «S», in order to assemble the reel trailer in the opened operating position. High pressure hoses with quick-connectors, used for oil transfer to the hydraulic lifting cylinders of the reel.


5.Six wrenches for the conical reel nuts are used in order to screw the conical nuts of the four shafts employed on the reel trailer.


6.Shafts A-B-C are the three shafts for “closed operating position” which employ six nuts. Each time use the proper shaft which suits to the particular reel. Shaft D is used for “open operating position”.


7.Rotary safety for shaft locking.

WEBSITEeng Reel Trailer E26-16-7Ds Dividedf


8.During reeling and for reels weighted less than two tones (2000kg), it is possible to lift both front wheels. In this way during operation of the Reel Trailer with small reels, or even without reel at all, you can make maneuvering easier.


9.Wheels type 26/8,00-14. Rims with six bores. PR 18. Inflated dimensions, 620mm diameter and 210mm width. According to the manufacturer, it is referenced that each tire can carry 3500kg weight. In addition, each stub axle carrier can bear 4000kg.


10.Adjustable tow bar in six different positions.


11. The two hydraulic cylinders that lift the reel have autonomy handling.

WEBSITEeng Reel Trailer E26-16-7Ds Dividedd
12. The four wheels are protected with a steel sheet bumper. Each pair of wheels is located on a Libra for better weight distribution and traction even for construction sites with rough terrain.

13. Taillights are connected to the towing vehicle.

14. Options:
a. Pipe or cable guide
b. Engine type

15. Designed and manufactured in EU.

16. It can easily disassembled completely in pieces and shipped in a 20’ container to any port worldwide.

17. We are always at your disposal to start from scratch and customize the reel trailer according your needs.

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