The need for installing cables or pipes securely, provides the use of modern reel unwinding machinery. We construct reel trailers to serve the increased demands in large pipeline projects for water and oil, electrical projects such as wind farms, electricity projects, solar panels and more. Our new Reel unwinding machine for cables, stationary type FBD30/18 in a wind park..


Presentation FBD30/18.



Check here the Reel trailer E26/16-7Ds in action in a wind farm construction site.


E45/26-9Ds Video Part 1/4. Presentation in "closed operating position"=".


E45/26-9Ds Video Part 2/4. Technical details


E45/26-9Ds Video Part 3/4. Assembly in opened operating position.


E45/26-9Ds Video Part 4/4. Disassemble and snapshots with a big reel.


 E26/16-7Ds Reel Trailer in divided form. New presentation video. Assembly and disassembly from "open" to "closed" position.


E26/16-7DE26/16-7D Reel Trailer in divided form. Presentation video. Assembly and disassembly from "open" to "closed" position. Τype E26/16-7Ds is now available.


E26/16-7 E26/16-7. Non divided reel trailer. Functions presentation video..


E26/16-7 video during reeling. Unwinding cables in a wind farm under construction in 2008.