The irrigation reels are frequently damaged either by poor water quality or from natural decay. During water input in the irrigation reel and reaching the turbine, extremely high pressure is created. In combination with the sand, which is often contained in water, decay in the sealing system is created. If the water passes through the bearing space, it is a matter of maybe a few hours before the seal (check here the mechanical seals), the shaft and of course the bearings are completely destroyed. See below what happens when water can enter the gearbox of the reel.

By having a full range of shafts (click) reel turbines, seals and bearings we undertake their total repair in addition to any workshop process is necessary.

Below you are presented with some pictures of a Patenidis gearbox repair.



In turbines it is very usual, besides the seal (carbite), also the socket on which the seal is inserted to wear off. For that reason, it is necessary to construct a new socket. The entire turbine is mounted on the lathe and a new shoulder is lathed to accomodate the new bronze socket.


The new bronze socket is pressed and it is ready to receive the new seal and shaft.



Bima gearbox repair. The soaping indicates the presence of water. The seals and the bearings are replaced.

 IMG 2755IMG 2756

Cleaning the part is necessary before the installation of the new bearings.

IMG 2761IMG 2762


Comer gearbox repair. Full disassembly, cleaning, bearing and seal replacement.

IMG 2781IMG 2782

IMG 2793IMG 2792

The levers gears are repaired for easy gear shifting, while the worn fan shaft is replaced.

IMG 2765IMG 2764


Comer gearbox with worn gears, replaced with new genuine. From reels of Tsikos and Kaltsogiannis.

IMG 0238IMG 3095


Other repaired gearboxes from Mourat and ERKAM reels.

IMG 3096IMG 3163


Other reel turbine repairs from greek manufacturers. Many times, the fan extraction is a difficult situation and requires heating the fan and using special extractors.

IMG 3157IMG 3158


After the route of the water inside the turbine, it ends up to the main pipe and to another sealing set-up which usually consists of two elastic pressure seals which have plastic pilots, made from poluamide, in between. It is very often for those seals to wear off, as well as the shaft they are adjusted too. Again, a full repair is possible. Below you can see the repair of a Patenidis and Mourat reel.

img055 resizedIMG140


It is not rare that a replacement of whole pipes which, due to extended periods of operation are rusted, is required.

IMG 1806IMG 1807

IMG 1812IMG 1814


Another part which can be damaged often is the pilot, guiding the wheel on the reel drum. Pilot parts, roller chains and platewheels are available.

Solid wheels for the water sprinkler wagon, rims, plastic rings and pins are in stock.

Finally, when water exits the irrigation reel to the wagon, on which the water sprinkler is mounted, it is possivle to repair and to provide parts for various sprinklers. In addition, entire custom wagon constructions are possible.




We repair and maintain with love and credibility.