Besides installing submersible electric pumps, it is possible to place an axial submersible pump where the circumstances demand. In cases where water has high concentration of foreign particles (sand) or in a case lacking electricity, it is necessary to use an internal combustion engine for trasmission in the pumping unit, which is possible only for an axial submersible pump.
    It is worth mentioning that the axial pumps we use are made in Greece and have high endurance, since they operate sufficiently for a long time while having relatively low initial purchase cost.
    As in submersible pumps, so in axial submersible pumps, for Northwestern Greece, we provide technical support and supervision of smooth operation of the pumping unit, as well as a proper operation guarranty. In case of failure, we act instantly by uninstalling the axial submersible pump using our own crane, and repairing it in our workshop where we have all the necessary tools and parts. In relatively low prices, we can provide expendables such as stuffings, lubricants and v-belts for the axial pump head. In case of failure of the oil tank bearnings, their replacement occurs in just a few minutes in our workshop. More specifically, For the oil tank bearings, where the replacement work is done guarranted properly and free, it is possible to offer bearings of extremely high endurance in special prices.


    By providing the best possible services, we install the drill hole pumps ourselves, using our own crane lift. Only as such can we be certain for the proper installation of the pumping unit.