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Product Weight 102.00 kg | Product Length 960.00 mm | Product Width 854.00 mm | Product Height 1,020.00 mm
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Screw Cone log splitting machine for use with agricultural tractor. Made in Greece.

1. CONE. Screw cone splitter consisting of a) Body for screw cone splitter. Diameter Φ80mm and length 100mm. Made from high grade steel. Works with a replaceable screw end. It has female left M36 thread. b) Replaceable screw end for bodies. Diameter Φ60 and length 170mm. With left male M36 thread. Hardened steel. High quality resistant steel structure. Code for cone is 0189000106080.
2. CONICAL ADD. The Conical add is located behind the cone. It helps in easy splitting larger logs. It protects the shaft and bearings. It rises the splitting ability of the screw cone facilitates. The code of the addition is 0189000108040.
3. SHAFT. The torsion resistant shaft’s diameter is Φ45mm. It has PTO Φ35-Z6 for tractor transmission with cardan shaft. There is also a keyway for a V-belt pulley for alternative transmission by electric motor or gasoline engine. The shaft has a shoulder to fit in a cone. The material is 4 to 5 times more resistant to torsion compared with common shafts. The code of the shaft is 0189000244038.
4. BEARING. Perforated metal single tube with two bearings which has front and rear seals for sealing and grease for the lubrication of bearings. It can be mounted in three positions of the bench depending on the length of the logs that will split. The code of the bearing is 0180508001600.
5. BLADE SEPARATOR. Protection and separation bade just below the screw cone shaped like a share. Blade separator can be adjusted in accordance with the position of the cone.
6. WORKING BENCH: Length bench 800mm. Bench width 650mm. Bench height without legs 120mm. Single, compact construction of bent sheet metal with reinforcements. The bench can accept customizable short or long legs with wheels and carrying handles. The bench is also customizable for base for electric motor for transmission with V-belt pulleys, electrical panel and emergency switch. It is customizable for gasoline engine’s base and transmission with V-belt pulleys. In the bench can be installed bumper for pulleys. The working bench’s code is 0180508001150.
7. THREE POINT LINKAGE. Two metal sheet arms are attached to the working bench with screws. It has a spigotΦ22mm for the top link, which can be mounted in two positions. It is also supplied with two spigots Φ22mm which can be adapted to three positions each time, inwardly or outwardly. They can remain mounted for combined operation of the tractor and gasoline engine or electric motor. The three point linkage’s code is 0180506002250.
8. LEGS. It has mounted four short legs for stable ground support during operation and easy attachment to the tractor. Leg’s codes 0180506002460, 0180506003454, 0180506003457.


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