In order to cover the needs for piping in crop irrigation, we can construct special pieces of piping. Below we present some speciments of irrigation pipe fittings and collectors with Perrot pipes, in combination with Φ90 and Φ110 ΡΕ tubes.

SpecialPiping-18062009SpecialPiping-18062009001SpecialPiping-14062008002SpecialPiping-IMG 2808SpecialPiping-IMG 3092SpecialPiping-IMG184

Flanged water meters, (3 or 4 inches). Cribs construction Snap-lock type Perrot or Bower for easy removal from the pipe circuit.

 IMG 4004IMG 4003


Special construction of a collector with electrovalves, for sod irrigation.

SpecialPiping-IMG 0813SpecialPiping-IMG 0814


Filtration layout with a hydrocyclone and screen filters depending on each demand.

SpecialPiping-IMG182SpecialPiping-IMG 3099SpecialPiping-IMG 0439SpecialPiping-paroxes1SpecialPiping-paroxes2SpecialPiping-paroxes3