By having many years of experience in thermal autogenous welding of HDPE pipes we undertake weldings of irrigation reels and networks. Dimensions of pipes which can be welded with autogenous welding are: Φ75mm, Φ82mm, Φ90mm, Φ100mm, Φ110mm and Φ125mm. HDPE pipe welding can also be done with electrofusion socket up to Φ315mm. In special circumstances the welding diameters using an electrofusion socket can reach up to Φ1200mm. We cover the entire North-West Greece and specifically the regions of Kozani, Florina, Kastoria and Grevena. Deliveries can occur in other regions upon concertation and request.

     It is possible to weld pipes of irrigation reels with the special thermalwelding device we possess. The surface of the HDPE about to be welded is lathed and smoothed on site. Temperatures during welding can reach up to 280 ْC depending on the pipe type, while pressure is monitored with a special dynamometer. It is possible to cut the broken part and weld the good part of the pipe, even for small holes. All pipe welds are done immediatelly and with a year warranty.



Sectional irrigation reel pipe


Pipe welding device.