Below we present to you the installation of a pumping unit on a water tank truck. On the specific used vehicle we did a modification so that it can tranfer water instead of fuel. All of the parts needed to transport fuel are taken off. We installed a hydraulic pump on the secondary gearbox of the truck, which provides oil to the yellow oil motor, transmissioning motion to the water pump with the use of couplings.
    Three sprinklers were constructed. One main located in the middle, and two secondary, located on each side of the truck, which are activated with an electric valve by the driver. The truck has also a free flow output. The pump suction and the free flow open using air footvalves, again with controllers from the driver cabin. In the water network, there is a pressure controller to alert the driver when the water tank empties, so that he can stop the pump operation. 


Pumping unit.



Free flow operation, controlled from the driver cabin using compressed air.



Operation of the water tank truck using the side sprinklers controlled using electrovalves from the driver cabin.