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Product Weight 115.00 kg | Product Length 1,180.00 mm | Product Width 1,080.00 mm | Product Height 450.00 mm
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Grass Slasher type GS1000v20.

1. Operating width: 1.0m.
Trapezoidal configuration of the slasher
o for extra durability and weight reduction
o for a uniform sight of the cleared soil after the cutting of vegetation
o for fine shredding of grass.
2. Suspension type: Pre-installed three-point linkage system. Additional hold of the chassis with two industrial chains. Suspension system on the tractor so that the slasher follows the slopes of the ground.
3. Top link pin: A Φ19mm top link pin with safety pin is available. Possibility of placement in two positions (depending on the length of the top link).
4. Low link pins: 2 screw low link pins Φ22mm with safety pin are available. Possibility of screwing facing the same direction for a tractor with narrow linkage system and for light lateral displacement.
5. Side mounting displacement: 100mm. With the possibility of displaced mounting, the slasher moves to the right for better cutting even outside the width of the tractor. NOTE B in the photo.
6. Required power of agricultural tractor: 13HP
7. Construction: Single metal sheet 3mm thick reinforced with multiple bends. Extra 5 and 8mm bent reinforcements for extremely high resistance to stress.
8. Angular transmission (gearbox): Transmission ratio 1: 1.92 type Comer LF-205J. Input power at 540rpm: 22KW (30HP). Lubricant type SAE90W. Check the level before use.
9. Cutting tool: Pre-installed, 3 pieces of "test" chains 10mm thick.
10. Cutter plate: It has 6 positions (bores) every 60 degrees. Possibility of installing two, three or six chains.
11. Side sleds: Right and left sleds for height adjustment in two positions. NOTE A in the photo.
12. Height adjustment with wheels: Two wheels for height adjustment of the slasher are not included. Height adjustable. NOTE E in the photo. Possibility of rotation for rear or side operation. NOTE D in the photo. Angle adjustment for optimal ground follow. NOTE F in the photo. Uniform cleaning and avoidance of stones and soil irregularities. NOTE C in the photo.
13. Outlet of cut grass: Articulated arrangement with doors, covered with rubber. The articulated arrangement with the rear doors and the rubber front minimizes or even eliminates the throwing of grass or other materials.
14. Mounting on a tractor with front links: Possibility to mount the slasher on a tractor with hydraulic system and PTO at the front. The mounting tower is moved backwards and the angular gearbox is rotated 180 degrees. This allows another machine (eg milling machine or cultivator) to be mounted on the rear links of the tractor.
15. Possibility to install mount linkage for Mitsubishi and other tractors or for mounting on bobcat etc.
16. Cardan shaft : Includes a cardan shaft 23.8X61.3 length L800 with triangular profile tube. It has overrunning clutch for the protection of the gearbox, the cardan shaft, but also the PTO of the tractor. An overrunning clutch is a device that allows the PTO to transmit motion in one direction but rotate freely in the other direction.
17. On request, linkage and PTO for KUBOTA, ISEKI, MITSUBISHI adaptors are available.
18. It is made in Greece by the workshop sidiros.gr. Possibility of delivery all over Greece by transport company from Thessaloniki.


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